Fr. Mark Angelo Vito, OFM

Provincial Secretary

Fr. Percival Tayem, OFM

Provincial Bursar

CEO, Poverello Real Estate Corporation
Member, Provincial Financial Board

Br. Aaron Dick Batistis, OFM

Director, Franciscan Communications and Media

Fr. Joel Sulse, OFM

Secretary for Formation & Studies

Chairperson, Committee on Promotions for Clerical Ministry 

Fr. Andrew Litigio, OFM

Secretary for Missions and Evangelization

Member, Ongoing Formation

Fr. Ray Anthony Ferrer, OFM

 Director for Franciscan Missionary Union

Fr. Baltazar Obico, OFM

Director for Ministerial Formation

Committee on Promotions for Clerical Ministry
Lay Brothers Professional Skills Training 

Br. Alejo Villanueva, OFM

Provincial Coordinator for JPIC

Fr. Cielito Almazan, OFM

Moderator, Ongoing Formation

Provincial Censor of Books 
Chairperson, OLAS Development Committee

Fr. Eric Ollague, OFM

Director of Aspirants

Member, OLAS Development Committee

Fr. Fernando Radin, Jr., OFM

Master of Postulants
JPIC Provincial Coordinator


Fr. Apolonio Arcala, Jr., OFM

Master of Novices

Fr. Cristino Pine, OFM

Master of Temporary Professed

Superintendent of Franciscan Schools in Luzon
Member, Committee on Promotions for Clerical Ministry 

Fr. Reu Jose Galoy, OFM

Director for Human Resource Development Office
Director of Franciscan Development Office 

Director of Fratres Minores Foundation, Inc
Chairperson Provincial Financial Board

Fr. Wilfredo Benito, OFM

OFS Spiritual Assistant

Fr. Pedro Roberto Manansala, OFM

Provincial Delegate to the Poor Clare Nuns

Fr. Edwin Peter Dionisio, OFM

Commissary to the Holy Land

Chairperson, Committee on Preservation of Church Heritage
Member, Construction Committee 

Br. Adrian Fedelin, OFM

Provincial Archivist

Member, Committee on Preservation of Church Heritage

Br. Ramon Balana, OFM

Museum Curator

Member, Health Committee 

Fr. Napoly Pasion, OFM

President, St. Francis School-Sta. Ana

Member, Provincial Financial Board

Fr. Andres Rañoa, OFM

Member, Ongoing Formation 

Member, Committee on Preservation of Church Heritage

Fr. Celso Larracas, OFM

Chairperson, Construction Committee

Member, OLAS Development Committee

Br. Hermilo Villason, OFM

Chairperson, Health Committee

Fr. Jose Litigio, OFM

Chairperson, Ethics Committee

Fr. Edgardo Alutaya, OFM

OLAS President

OLAS Basic Education
Member, OLAS Development Committee 

Fr. Oscar Ante, OFM

Consultant, OFM Schools

OLAS College, OLAS Graduate and Post-Graduate Education
Commission on Higher Education 

Fr. Rod San Jose, OFM

Consultant, OFM Schools

Fr. Jerome Catapat, OFM

Member, Health Committee


Fr. Myke Rodnick Laforteza, OFM

Member, Health Committee

Fr. Jhoan Pader, OFM

Member, Ethics Committee

Fr. Virgilio del Mundo, Jr. OFM

Member, Ethics Committee

Br. Dominador Valdez, Jr., OFM 

Assistant Director, Human Resources and Development